Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Always something thrilling at the BEA

Things were thrilling & chilling at the Harlequin booth during the Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night signing. The place was packed with end-to-end thriller writers. The book, out June 1st, is an "outstanding anthology of 32 new stories by such top genre names as Lee Child, James Grippando, Denise Hamilton and David Morrell" (that's a quote from the starred Publisher's Weekly review). "The authors are the who's who superstars of the genre" says the five star Harriet Klausner review. You'll also find Heather Graham, M.J. Rose and Alex Kava--it's a real treat!

It's edited by James Patterson and PW notes that "The blurry line between mysteries and thrillers gets even fuzzier in this. Patterson, in his introduction, talks about the 'intensity of emotions' that thrillers share—as well as 'the force with which they hurtle the reader along.' Readers who favor one category or another may at first be a bit baffled, but lovers of crime fiction in general and well-told action tales in particular will be well rewarded. Would-be thriller writers can learn a lot about research and technique from Patterson's introductions to each story."

Many of the contributors will be attending the first International Thriller Writers convention in Phoenix in June and the collection itself is marks the truly thrilling debut of this organization.

As I was sardined on the side, I start to vibrate. It's Claire, President of
ClaireMediaLLC, a strategic media development company. She says
check out the conference entrance, so I do. Guess what I found.
Do you recognize him?

A cloud of pink umbrellas were out celebrating
Lynn Isenberg's Red Dress Ink title, The Funeral Planner. Claire's regular videographer wasn't avaible so she'd called on local talent--National Geographic TV producer-by-day, her husband, my brother & a major Luna books fan (see earlier post for shot of Bill reading aloud to his son)--to catch the event.

As you'll see from Lynn's funeral planning website, the pink is deliberate--because a funeral should be a celebration of life. Not only has that idea spawned a website, it has such resonance it's in development with Lifetime television.

A friend recently returned from what may be a favorite memorial service--it was an elegant cocktail party in which guests were asked to enjoy fabulous drinks, canapes, a set of tennis or a game of bridge. These were the things she enjoyed in life and she asked to be remembered by her friends by sharing those pleasures. It seemed a lovely tribute.

From Thrillers to Funeral Planners, there is an amazing diversity to this conference. We all have stories to tell.

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