Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Who do you think you were?

Who would you have liked to be?

Where and when would you have liked to have lived?

Do you think 21st Century things like Second Life, RPG (role playing games) and creating Avatars are all part of our deeply felt desires--perhaps our dreams, even our realities--to be someone else, to live other lives, to experience other times?

M.J.Rose explores the possibilities in her new novel, THE REINCARNATIONIST, out September 1st. It garnered starred reviews from both PW and Library Journal:

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Best known as an author of erotic thrillers, Rose (Lip Service) delves into religious myth and past-life discovery in her well-paced ninth novel. In present-day Rome, a terrorist bomb explosion triggers flashbacks of pre-Christian Italy in photographer Josh Ryder. Josh experiences the memories as Julius, a pagan priest defending the sacrosanct monuments of his gods and the life of his vestal virgin lover against the emperor-mandated onslaught of Christianity in A.D. 391. Six months later, Josh has teamed with the Phoenix Foundation, an institute specializing in past-life memories in children, to explore a newly excavated tomb that may contain pagan memory stones that incite past-life regressions and will, by proving the existence of reincarnation, challenge the church. The stakes rise after it becomes clear that dangerous outside forces also want the stones. In a series of memory lurches, the narratives of Josh and Julius slowly wind together to reveal a Da Vinci Code–esque tale of intrigue that's more believably plotted and better meets its ambitions than Dan Brown's ubiquitous book. (Sept.)
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From Library Journal
Starred Review. The exploding bomb in Rome that nearly took news photographer Josh Ryder's life triggered in him a series of wildly strange historical flashbacks. Determined to find the cause, he turned to the New York-based Phoenix Foundation, a scientific group dedicated to the possibilities of reincarnation. Memories of his past lives in ancient Rome as Julius, a pagan priest in a desperate mission to save his love, and in Victorian New York as Percy Talmage, son of the Phoenix Foundation founder, haunt Josh as he tries to bring his episodes under control. The foundation's interest in the excavation of a fourth-century tomb sends him back to Rome. But at the tomb, the Memory Stones are stolen, flinging Josh and archaeology professor Gabriella Chase into a race to recover these powerful artifacts. Rose's engrossing thriller effortlessly leaps to and fro through the centuries. Dramatic suspense and intriguing characters expertly set the stage for this first in a series. Strongly recommended for all popular fiction collections.

People Magazine September 10th issue, 3 1/2 stars:
“Rose’s ninth novel has intricate plotting, erotic tension and a didn’t-see-it-coming denouement.”

And some wonderful quotes from authors:

Douglas Preston, author of The Book of the Dead
"One of the most original and exciting novels I've read in a long time, with a premise so delicious I'm sick with envy I didn't think of it myself. It will open your mind to some of the incredible mysteries of the past and the greatest secrets of existence. The Reincarnationist is more than a page-turner-it's a page-burner. Don't miss it."

David Morrell, author of Creepers
"A breakneck chase across the centuries. Fascinating and fabulous."

Robert Ferrigno, author of Prayers for the Assassin
"A compelling, ferocious read, an intelligent thrill ride, intricately plotted, with enough twists to keep the reader firmly in M.J. Rose's grasp."

Gayle Lynds, author of The Last Spymaster
"Packed with unforgettable characters, breath-taking drama, and fascinating research, The Reincarnationist cements M.J. Rose's reputation as a master storyteller. Pick your millennium, folks. You're in for a timeless ride."

Not only was there great buzz, but my favorite ski-lift conversation starter line of all time was: "So, if you were reincarnated, what would you like to be reincarnated as?"

Then I clicked on my Gather site, only to find a link to an interview with M.J. and more. I knew I'd better get my copy right away!

It is indeed a real page turner, with a strong sense of time, place and people, even while you are traveling between centuries. And it offers the timeless lessons of the value of love, honor, sacrifice and faith with real poingnancy and depth.

I tore through it.

This just in from Jayne: join celebrated author MJ Rose on Tues. Sept. 25th at 5pm EST for a real-time chat in Second Life! Second Life is an online virtual world that’s free to join, in which members can interact with each other via 3D representations called “avatars”. Author MJ Rose will be discussing THE REINCARNATIONIST and answering questions via real-time text chat.

Send an email to to get on the guest list! Check out the Reader's Ring discussion.

M.J. has statistics on the number of people who believe in reincarnation (newly released Gallup numbers are at 60 million!). It does help explain that inexplicable sense of connection or familiarity we often feel for some things.

And I must say it simply seems tidy--we all should be recycling, shouldn't we?

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