Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine’s Day—one of my favorites! I don’t send personal Christmas/Holiday cards—I send Valentines. I keep the personal holiday cards I’ve recieved in a pile to respond to, note any presents I should be thanking people for, and get started. This tradition began quite naturally many years ago when Christmas cards didn’t get sent, then New Years cards didn’t quite get off, thank you notes were still owed for many gifts and IT WAS FEBRUARY!!!!!

Suddenly, I saw a way of turning a negative into a positive and instead of writing countless apologies for belated prior holiday greetings, I realized I could deliver a timely and unexpected holiday greeting of my own with Valentine wishes. (and hey, St. Patrick’s Day is later still…!)

If I’m lucky, I can find fabulous marked-down Christmas Cards that will work for Valentines (and I always feel so sorry for those cards, don’t you? Nice to give them a job) buy a bunch of over-priced Valentine’s stickers, colored pens, find a movie on TV & I’m good to go.

I don’t think of Valentine cards as being required to be romantic (oops, that sounds almost blasphemous, given my career choice, doesn’t it?). I just see it as celebrating love and being a time to connect with the people I love, whether its my husband (natch), but really offering a wider opportunity to reach out to my friends, family, whomever.

So wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day in a warm, loving (but not romantic) kind of way!


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