Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sympathy Cards

Sympathy letters are not easy to write, but after being on the recieving end, I think I know the secretor at least a secret.  I hope it may help inspire you to add a little more than the store-bought "With Deepest Sympathy" to your card.

If you knew the deceased, please know that your words are a gift of memory.  They will offer the recipient a small unknown perspective of your way of seeing that person, which is unique.  Share a story, a moment, a memory, a realizationit doesn't matter what.  It just is something you know, thought, experienced about that person.

In sharing it, you make that person come alive.  You continue to expand and grow the recipient's knowledge of that personsomething they may have felt had ended with their loss.  You give the gift of the knowledge that you too are a repository of memories that live on.  That a life was valued, had impact, was appreciated.

It does not need to be lengthyor even positive!

It just needs to about you, about them and be shared.

With Deepest Sympathy....