Friday, November 03, 2006

A Note from THE WIDOW-maker... Carla Neggers

New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers has just come back from her tour for her first hardcover, THE WIDOW. I've known and enjoyed Carla's work for many years (we won't go into how many) so it is particularly delightful to see the success of her debut hardcover.

You have to check out the contest on Carla's website: It's Adopt-A-Puffin to celebrate the Maine setting of THE WIDOW. Now I know some of you may be thinking Carla is just another celebrity adopter, like Angelina or Madonna, but that's just not true. She has already facilitated the adoption of a Loon and a Whale. It doesn't get any bigger or crazier than that! And the Puffin is really cute!

She's also got some excellent Blueberry recipes contributed from readers on her website. An appropriate match for the moody blue cover of THE WIDOW. And just think of all the anti-oxidants. But let me let Carla share a piece of her life....

"I'm back home on my hill in Vermont after getting out on the road for signing and media interviews for THE WIDOW. . I have only two rules for going on book tour. One, eat oatmeal for breakfast. Two, have fun. I blew the oatmeal rule on my second morning, in Baltimore, after my 4:15 AM wakeup call for a 5:15 AM pickup for a 6:45 TV interview. I was on after Elmo . He helped do the weather. The people in the studio were great, but when I arrived back to my hotel, I ordered pancakes.

"In Philadelphia, I ran into serious gridlock on the roads. George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton were there to receive the Liberty Medal. Fortunately, Art, my driver, knew the side streets and a good place to get a true Philadelphia cheese steak (I'd had oatmeal that morning). We're talking heavy security, which turned out okay, because it triggered story ideas, all involving the Secret Service.

"In Maine, I stayed just down the road from the Kennebunkport home of--guess who? George H. W. Bush. No, I wasn't following him, but more stories involving the Secret Service started percolating. The housekeeper at my inn turned out to be a fan, which was nice, and they served a breakfast buffet that did not include oatmeal. I was off the hook. My big indulgence was a lavender martini, the bartender's own recipe...different.

"A bookseller I met in suburban Philadelphia told me what she enjoys most about her job is talking with people who love to read. That sums up the best part about getting out on the road, too. It's not that easy to eat oatmeal every morning, but the people I get to meet make it is easy to have fun."


I asked Carla what's coming up in the future? She said look for:
- CUT AND RUN in March 2007, a reissue, originally published as MINSTREL'S FIRE, a Rita Award finalist
- ABANDON: June 2007, which she is wrapping up now....It continues her "U.S. Marshals" series.

Carla also has a blog so you can keep an eye on what's going on in her life.

There are also a couple of interesting online interviews. One with
with Bill Thompson of Eye On Books and one with
Judyth Piazza of The Student Operated Press

Check it out!

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