Thursday, May 31, 2007

Press Release: Harlequin Announces Launch of Nonfiction Program

Editorial to include relationship books, self-help,
memoirs and biographies

Toronto, (May 30, 2007) Harlequin Enterprises Limited, one of the world's leading publishers of women's fiction, announced today that they will enter the nonfiction market in the fall of 2008. Harlequin will publish titles in numerous genres, including relationship, health, self-help, diet, fitness, inspirational, memoir and biography, as well as companion pieces to successful fictional series by the company’s many bestselling authors.

"Harlequin’s entry into the nonfiction market builds upon our existing strengths as a publisher who provides millions of women around the world with great entertainment and a rewarding reading experience," says Donna Hayes, Publisher and CEO of Harlequin Enterprises Limited.

Industry analysis and reader feedback clearly indicate that the nonfiction category holds tremendous opportunity for Harlequin, with its unique stature as a publisher of content for women. Harlequin had tremendous success with Friends: A Love Story by Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. Spotlighting the compelling real-life love story of the Hollywood power couple and published in February 2007 under the Kimani Press imprint, Friends: A Love Story was a New York Times bestseller and marked Harlequin’s very first nonfiction romance story.

Harlequin is not creating a new imprint for the nonfiction program. Instead, the books will be author/title-led and will be published under Harlequin’s existing imprints, based on their content.

"The publishing strategy will focus on content that entertains, supports, inspires and provides insights to women as their lives and roles change," says Loriana Sacilotto, Executive Vice President, Global Publishing & Strategy. "The editorial will concentrate on such categories as health, diet, fitness, self-help, motivational and relationship books as well as narrative nonfiction—nonfiction that tells a story, such as memoirs and biographies—and will cater to women 35 years and older."

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Anonymous said...

Isabel, fascinated by this addition. Are you interested in books related to women's studies or women's issues?
Alison (alias "Jennifer Greene")

Isabel Swift said...

I would think women's studies/women's issues would certainly fit within the scope of the vision. Right now the program has just been launched, so not everything is written in stone. My understanding is that all editors are looking at material at this point.

It's likely that there will be pressure at the launch to get some commercial successes out, which may mean something very academic in the way of women's studies/issues might be a harder sell...But it also could work if it sparked some HQE core value and was seen as a vehicle to open doors to a new readership/bookstore group/press/reviewership etc. that HQE was looking to build. That's why we never say never! Its all about the story--and also about the timing.

Also note that even if the answer was no when a program was launching, once a program finds its feet--i.e. a viable ongoing audience--the answers change (see my previous post on Entry Point).

Jackie King said...

My Collaborator and I have a nonfiction book that would fit nicely into this new venture. Have you any practical advice as to what we need to submit or how we need to submit our material?

Isabel Swift said...

Harlequin is only accepting agented material with nonfiction. If your Literary Agent doesn't already have a relationship with an editor at Harlequin, please have him or her submit directly to either Editorial Director Randall Toye or Dianne Moggy in the Toronto office:
225 Duncan Mill Rd.
Don Mills, Ontario
Canada, M3B 3K9

Christine Parker said...

I have a nonfiction self help health/diet book that I have self published. Is there someone I can submit my book to who will consider it, without an agent attached?

Isabel Swift said...

Christine: unfortunately with non-fiction, only agented material is being considered--see my response above, June 7th for a bit more detail. Thank you for thinking of us and good luck!