Friday, July 13, 2007

Walkies--celebrating THE DEATH LIST and full of devilish cheer from across the pond

Editorial Director Karin Stoecker explained that Walkies is an annual Book Trade Benevolent Society fund raiser.

"Teams generally have a theme around a book or imprint they are promoting. We chose to go with a MIRA title, The Death List by Paul Johnston currently on the Heatseeker Chart here in the UK."

Catherine Burke, Editor, MIRA, Mills and Boon, reported that a great time was had by everyone on the team and noted that, "Out of around 20 Publishing teams taking part, the Harlequin Mills and Boon team won Runner Up for the Best Team Award (beaten by Random House Children's chaps dressed as cows; they deserved it really…)."

They've raised hundreds of pounds for the BTBS, which is terrific, but there’s still time to add any last donations at everyone!

Cute lil' devils aren't they? And THE DEATH LIST is a truly page-turning and scary book. Available right now on both sides of the Atlantic!

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