Wednesday, April 15, 2009

- Some of Leslie Wainger's Pets

In response to the classic "Wassup?" Harlequin's Editor-at-Large Leslie Wainger had this to say:

"I’m mostly being surrounded by pets. I still have cats (three), and attached are pics of my puppy, Kaiya:
Top Model 1.JPG

and my sugar gliders, Bug and Gobo:
LWBathroom 2a.jpg

There are definite advantages to working from home!"

And I said...WHAT are sugar gliders? Aside of the cutest things ever! Kaiya is pretty adorable too—looks smaller than a Chow—just young or something different?

And Leslie said, "Sugar gliders are tiny Australian possums. They're marsupials, like our possums, but otherwise very different. They glide (like flying squirrels) and have been kept as pets over here for about 15 years. In this picture you can see the gliding membrane folded up along their sides.
Bug and Gobo 1.JPG

And Kaiya's a Shiba Inu (a Japanese breed). She's 10 months old and small for a female, but not by a lot. The perfect female is 14" at the shoulder and around 17 lbs., so they're a bit like very mini Akitas. They have big-dog attitude, though. She has no idea how small she is.

...And I think—yes, it's all about attitude. On the other hand, cuteness does count!


Smarty Pants said...

Wow, if I'd known, I would've sent Leslie the book I'm writing where the heroine has a sugar glider named Larry! Brenda has it at the moment, but I don't think she'll nearly as impressed with Larry as Leslie would be. I keep trying to explain to people what they are... the hero even accuses the heroine of having a flying squirrel. :)

Jessica said...

They're completely adorable!

Anonymous said...

How is it that I see the real critters every day (Kaiya is currently asleep at my feet and the gliders are sleeping in their "bonding pouch," under my sweater) and yet still I stare at their pictures and grin?


kimberly Van meter said...

We were looking into getting a shiba but we decided against it after I did some research on the breed. They're absolutely gorgeous and extremely intelligent but the dog would primarily be for our daughter who still a toddler and according to the research I did, they're not very tolerant of children tugging on them. maybe when she's older...I still love the breed. Beautiful pics!