Wednesday, June 07, 2006

eBestsellers and Rogue Angels

Well, Malle and her team are the eBook mavens, so it's OK to brag, but I have to say it was pretty cool to see my recent recommended reading (Blood Ties: The Turning) turn up at #2 on eReader's bestseller list, Thriller in the top 15 (hey, it's a hardcover) and those irrepressible Harlequin Presents (hot hot hot) continuing to give Dan Brown a run for his money. And Carly Phillips is always a pleasure to see heating us up just that little bit extra!

Also just finished reading the first in the Rogue Angel series, Destiny, and really enjoyed it! Its a bit of Lara Croft as Indiana Jones channeling The Da Vinci Code while wrapped with a touch of Witchblade.

I liked Annja Creed. And an ancient order tied to the Vatican...a fortune buried in the caves of France, a sword, a martyr, a monster, a mystery, a myth, masses of monks. Really, who could ask for anything more? Check out the reviews and you'll see I am not alone in my positive opinion of Rogue Angel!

I am a big fan of Gold Eagle (very fierce eagle logo, Stephen Colbert would be pleased)—one of Harlequin's least known imprints as it is men's adventure. No sex or romance, just death and destruction.

Some Gold Eagle titles are available on audio. Otherwise, they're in bookstores in men's adventure section, internet bookstores or do a search on Mack Bolan. He is out there. Find him before he finds you.

Mack Bolan—The Executioner, if you have to ask—and his team are capable of taking out just about anything. Really. Not only does Gold Eagle publish Mack and his Stony Man team, but two other series, Outlanders and Deathlands, post-apocalyptic continuities.

Deathlands is my favorite—truly a nuclear family! My dream is to someday licence a Kristy Wroth action figure (she has prehensile hair, quite a challenge, but surely Todd MacFarlane could figure it out, don't you think?).

I digress. Obviously the Rogue Angel series is more girl friendly, but don't let that put you off. It's really fun.

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