Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Going Global—Harlequin's own World Cup!

It's just like the World Cup. Only it happens every year. And it's always in Canada, somewhere sort of near Toronto. And we don't actually play soccer. But we do come from all over the world!

And I do mean all over—representatives from Australia , Brazil, Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Japan, Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark), Spain (Portugal and Latin America), Switzerland and the United Kingdom. And the US and Canada too, of course.

Unlike many multi-nationals, team Harlequin not only meets, we like each other, work together, help each other, share ideas and learn from each other.

There are diverse challenges and opportunities in each country—from getting Manga on cell phones in Japan, to managing one of the largest translation networks in a country, to the at times enormous challenge of simply getting the books physically out there and available to readers in a country with little available infrastructure.

Here is Team Harlequin—Go Global! As you can see, not only has there been a request for volunteers for goalie, but many are demonstrating their excellent goal keeping skills.

Not only do I think this team is incredibly creative, smart, entrepreneurial and savvy, they are very snappy dressers and have amazing shoes. Hands down, this group is the most fun and without a doubt, the best dancers.

Their goal keeping skills...? In a word? Enthusiastic!

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