Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Is Love? Tell us! We want to know!

Harlequin launches:

If you’ve got a good answer to our question, we’ll publish your response!

Welcome to the launch of something special——where you can write Harlequin, and you may be contributing to writing a Harlequin!

Harlequin is canvassing our extraordinary community of romance experts—readers, authors, editors, aspiring writers, employees, interested parties, friends and family—to answer important questions like: What is Love? Got to, type in your answer and hit SUBMIT!

New questions will appear every few weeks, asking for your stories, opinions, insights on subjects like memorable kisses, love at first sight, dating disasters, perhaps provide snappy answers to your favorite stupid questions—really all the challenges and triumphs of romance & relationships...the sky’s the limit.

Note that everyone interested and able to type in a submission is a valued player in this project—no exceptions! And no limitations to the number of submissions: as much as your creativity allows—

Your great responses will be collected and reviewed with the hope of creating entertaining material using the shared information—whether it’s a full collection using the quotes or just a charming selection as an addition to a title or some other vehicle. Remember to give us a valid email address if you want to be contacted if selected!

The goal is to create a place to explore the creativity of our global community of people interested in romance and relationships—to find out the answers to some burning questions—and to determine ways to share that creativity and those answers with that community and the world at large. By sharing our views, ideas and thoughts, we can create a whole that is so much greater than the sum of its individual parts—something quite unique. We're seeing sharing content happening more and more, and our community seems uniquely suited to participate!

Why do it? Here are a few reasons: to explore your share your opinion...recognition...out of curiosity...validation...delight in your cleverness...celebrate your whimsy...explore your sense of fun.

Because there is something satisfying about sharing your unique point of view. And because there's also something fascinating about checking out what others have said. There's always a sense of discovery.

You are entering a place of the known...and the unknown. Yes, you're entering (Twilight Zone music please) the mind of your fellow human beings. They are both amazingly similar and remarkably different from you.

Therein lies the challenge. Therein is the beauty.

We will be continuing to enhance and improve the site—am hoping to add the ability to post favorite samples, ask questions, solicit votes, etc.

Check out and let us know what you think!

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