Monday, July 10, 2006

You're Invited!

But only if you're at the RWA 26th Conference July 26-29, 2006 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA (open to members and non-members). But if you haven't already acted fast, note that this year's Conference is sold out and the waiting list has reached full capacity. But if you're going to be there, please visit....

Thursday, July 27th, 2:30-3:30p.m., In The Champagne Suite, Lobby Level

Come to a 21st Century Digital Fair @ The Champagne Suite aka The Harlequin Suite. Learn about Audio! eBooks! Manga! Harlequin On The Go!!! Mobile! Other stuff! Ask Questions! Get Answers! Make Suggestions!


Come one, come all! You'll have a ball!

And for those more serious types, here's Malle's and my session at the RWA in Atlanta this year:

Friday, July 28th 8:30-9:30 a.m. in room International 8

The divine Vicki Hinze will be our moderator.

We all are going to have to get up very early to be at this session, so I see no reason you shouldn't have to get up and be there too. I need incentives to rise & shine. You can do that for me. Can you tell I'm not a morning person? It really is an interesting topic (timely too), & Malle is a wonderful speaker. So get up & come on over! Here's the description:

What do you need to do to deliver effective, salable, storytelling in the multi-format Digital World? What impact do "new formats" and "multi-media" have on your writing, e.g. mobile, mobisodes, layering, audio, manga, etc.?

As part of the new business development department, Malle and Isabel are charged with finding ways to better capitalize on these new opportunities—join us to explore these questions. Audience participation.

Between time shifting TiVo, watching bonus episodes of 24 on your mobile, writing Fan Fiction or texting your American Idol votes, Blogging, creating or downloading podcasts, the new age of storytelling is here. It’s happening—and we are part of it.

Top 10 things to remember when telling stories in the digital age:

1. Great storytelling: foundation for everything
2. Bite sized, accessible, quick
3. Repurposed content
4. Portability (streaming, downloading, satellite)
5. Multiple layers (audio, visual)
6. World-building
7. Interaction connectedness, participation
8. Discovery, uncertainty, lack of control
9. Voyeuristic
10. Freedom

Your story is no longer limited to being read from a printed page but can be experienced in many ways at many time across multiple media creating a rich layered story experience.

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