Thursday, August 03, 2006

Check it Out

This is all getting so scary I can hardly visit these websites, much less read the books after dark!

M.J. Rose—her blog too—is the queen of all things internet, and has another of her amazing Dr. Morgan Snow novels out now. You need to check out It is wonderfully atmospheric, creative, compelling. And call me crazy, but I feel like I recognize someone's voice....

M.J. has written LYING IN BED for the newly launched Spice line, is a key contributor to THRILLER as well as her Morgan Snow series, THE VENUS FIX, THE DELILAH COMPLEX, THE HALO EFFECT all sexy, thrilling and chilling reads.

Then you can visit Brenda Novak's site and get a cool $1.00 off Coupon—good wherever books are sold—for her DEAD SILENCE, out in July, set in a small fictional town in Mississippi. Scary.

Brenda also has a Harlequin SuperRomance, THE OTHER WOMAN (also available in a larger print edition). A friend was just sharing that storyline had actually happened to a friend of hers in real life. I can't decide if it would be comforting to be given a book with a plotline that mirrored your life (but with a happy ending) or depressing. What do you think? Brenda's earlier HQN is EVERY WAKING MOMENT.

And now that you're in a webcrawling mood, go visit Heather Graham's video on her July title, THE VISION. It is really cool.

Heather also has a story in THRILLER and her THE LAST CAVALIER is back in print!

Bite-size content! Tiny nibbles of the stories you can see and hear and practically taste!

Try them. I bet you'll like them.

(and do you remember my recommending Rogue Angel in an earlier blog? Fabulous reviews).

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