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Editorial Recommendations—Just a few!

I asked Executive Editor Mary Theresa Hussey to gather some editorial recommendations on interesting series titles coming up over the next few months—August to October—she grabbed a few handfulls and I'm passing them along!


MY SO-CALLED LOVE LIFE – Allie Pleiter – Love Inspired, 8/06
We’ve been publishing a select few Steeple Hill Café titles in the Love Inspired program during 2006, and in hers, Café author Allie Pleiter poses a very interesting question--dating is the pits, but what do you do when you’re the voice of a major cartoon character...and all your dates seem to want is for you to “do the voice” for the kids in their Sunday School class? Yikes!
—Krista Stroever, Associate Senior Editor, Steeple Hill

FINDING NICK by Janis Reams Hudson, Special Edition, 8/06
This is a book about the very far-flung implications of 9/11—not a typical series premise, yet the characters in question, a firefighter “hero” who’s been fighting the title with all his might, and the reporter determined to get his story—truly come alive in this vitally compelling story. I respond to this book because it’s such an honest story, and it really is complex, just the way things are in real life. There’s no pat answer to anything—not to the hero’s suffering, nor to the heroine’s drive and determination. Read it! --Gail Chasan, Senior Editor, Special Edition


MY BABY, MY BRIDE by Tina Leonard – Harlequin American Romance, 9/06
Tina Leonard, who writes cowboys like nobody else, has a wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to reading her books, and this one made me smile all the way through. Her heroines are women you can identify with, and her cowboys are always tough on the outside – but soft on the inside. They make me want to find a cowboy of my very own!
—Kathleen Scheibling, Associate Senior Editor

MR. IMPERFECT – Karina Bliss – Harlequin Superromance, 10/06
A Golden Heart winner last year, this is Karina’s first published book and we’re so excited about it! I couldn’t put this reunion story down when I first read it. It’s hilarious, poignant, and nobody conveys New Zealand—or bad boys—as well as Karina. Warning: You will laugh out loud.
—Victoria Curran, Editor, Harlequin Superromance

THE RANIERI BRIDE by Michelle Reid, 9/10, Presents (#2564).
This is the perfect page-turning read for when the nights start drawing in. Dramatic, emotional and hotly passionate, it has a to-die-for dark and dangerous Italian hero in Enrico and a heart-wrenching dilemma for the heroine, Freya - and the most unexpected twist at the end!
—Tessa Shapcott, Executive Editor, Harlequin Presents


THE BOSS’S CHRISTMAS SEDUCTION by Yvonne Lindsay, Silhouette Desire, 10/06:
New Zealand writer Yvonne Lindsay makes her debut with this title and begins her New Zealand Knights trilogy. Yvonne delivers a highly sensual office romance between two very flawed people. It packs a strong emotional punch and is one of those books that I just can’t put down every time I pick it up, and I want to re-read it over and over again.
—Jessica Alvarez, Assistant Editor, Silhouette Intimate Moments

ASKING FOR TROUBLE by Leslie Kelly, Harlequin Blaze, 10/06
Like Leslie, I’m a longtime fan of the works of Victoria Holt, and think she’s done an incredible job of reinventing the traditional Gothic romance, Blaze-style, complete with a few chills, lots of thrills…and a sensual love story that will have readers scouring the countryside for old haunted houses. I couldn’t put it down.
—Brenda Chin, Associate Senior Editor, Blaze.

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER – Jennifer Taylor – Medical Romance, 10/06
This story is a first for Medical Romance – all the action takes place over 24 hours! From the opening chapter Jennifer has you hooked, I found myself swept up by the pace and excitement as the hero and heroine battle to save lives in the ER. The medical drama, combined with the passionate, emotional intensity of the marriage rekindled story certainly makes this a book to remember!
—Jennifer Hutton, Assistant Editor Medical Romance.

BLACKHAW’S BETRAYAL by Barbara McCauley, 10/06
Finally! I have been anxiously awaiting more SECRETS! books from this RITA award winning author and she hasn’t disappointed me one bit. I sure didn’t see this newest batch of illegitimate Blackhawks coming—and I know readers will love all the twists Barbara provides as she launches four new titles filled with scandals and secrets!
—Melissa Jeglinski, Senior Editor, Silhouette Desire

THE HEART OF A MERCENARY by Loreth Anne White, Intimate Moments, 10/06 (book #1 of SHADOW SOLDIERS). As a huge fan of espionage and international intrigue myself, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for exotic settings, passionate romance and deliciously evil villains! The author grew up in South Africa, and her intimate knowledge of the country is sure to make the reader feel as if they are right beside our hero and heroine every step of the way.
—Susan Litman, Editor, Special Edition

SEASON OF SECRETS - Marta Perry - Love Inspired Suspense, 10/06
There’s just something darkly mysterious about Southern cities—behind their polished society façade lurks family secrets people would rather stayed buried. Marta Perry’s set her keep-the-lights-on Christmas story in my favorite Southern city—Charleston.
—Krista Stroever, Associate Senior Editor, Steeple Hill

Hope you enjoy...!

Special treat—RWA photos, taken with my trusty phone, which also holds my eBooks, my audio books and will be able to get HOTGo once it is available on Cingular! OK, I admit, Don Lucey took the Landscape shot.

My fantabulous legwear (if I do say so myself)
Dressed for our 21st Century Digital Fair
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