Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Presenting...MIRA & Spice Editor Susan Pezzack

Susan Pezzack photo
Let me introduce you to an editor from the Toronto office—Susan Pezzack. I'll let her speak for herself!

Tell us about you: I’m a huge Anglophile. I adore any and all things British, especially Monty Python, BBC television and have a mild addiction to Coronation Street. My fiancé tells me we can never live in England because he’s sure I’d run off with the first man who spoke to me with that yummy accent.

Role at Harlequin: I’ve been with Harlequin for seven years now. I began in the Marketing department, but moved over to Editorial after a year. I spent about three years working on Temptation and Blaze, then got the opportunity to work on the single title side of the business with MIRA Books. Then, in 2004, I was asked to help roll out Harlequin’s new single title erotic fiction imprint, Spice. Now I edit and acquire for both imprints.

Did you always want to work in publishing? For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My degree in Fine Art and French Literature didn’t really offer me much in the way of gainful employment! I’d always been a huge reader – I used to bring a book with me everywhere as a kid, and I was always reading at the table during meals, even if it was only the back of the cereal box. I finally decided to try to explore whether I could do something with my love of books that also paid the rent. I went back to school and did a degree in Publishing with a focus on editing, and here I am!

If not, what else did you want to do? I saw myself as the curator of the
Royal Ontario Museum, believe it or not. My love of art and archaeology is still very strong, but unfortunately curator jobs are pretty hard to come by.

Favorite recent film/film of all time: An impossible question! I’m a sucker for romantic dramas/comedies, particularly the British ones like Love, Actually, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Sense and Sensibility and Notting Hill…but I also love historical dramas like Lion in Winter and A Man for All Seasons.

Favorite author? Roald Dahl, hands down.

Favorite meal/to make, to eat: There’s not a lot of food I don’t enjoy. Good, authentic fish & chips is one of my favorites. I could eat my weight in pastry. When we travel to Montreal it’s essential we have steamies (steamed hot dogs) and fries at least once a day. It’s the worst food in the world for you, but it’s such a treat.

Hobby? Obsession? I’m an avid horseback rider. And I’m obsessed with decorating shows.

Do you get to write off sex toys with your new Spice responsibilities? Lingerie? Hmmm, I haven’t thought to ask, but now that you mention it...


Flaming Nora said...

If you like Coronation Street you might like to look at

Flaming Nora
Corrieblog Editor

Shirley Jump said...

Nice to meet you, Susan! LOL because I just had the same conversation about men with accents with a friend of mine who just came back from Europe! I have a London editor and am really looking for an excuse to vist the Richmond office, just to listen to the men talk ;-) And I love "Lion in Winter," too!


Alison Kent said...

I worked with Susan on two books at Blaze, and I MISS HER SO MUCH, sniff, sniff!

AuthorM said...

Even if you can't write them off, the purchases can still be FUN...

I'm fortunate enough to be working with Susan right now and I couldn't have asked for a better first Harlequin experience... :)


Tessa Radley said...

Popping in to say how much I enjoyed reading the answers to Susan's questions--Notting Hill is definitely a favourite.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Spice editorial. I loved Getting Even and Lying in Bed. The Blonde Geisha is currently in my TBR under Jack Reacher (lucky Geisha!)


Isabel Swift said...

Have alerted Susan that she has visitors & hope she will have the time to stop by & say Hi. Those that don't have experience in the blogosphere can find the chat/dialogue aspect a surprising element.

Thanks for the suggestion on Coronation Street, Flaming Nora--missed that when I was checking out links to add to Susan's interview. That is so cool that you're the editor!

Shirley, "Lion is Winter" is one of my favorites too--how can you lose with Peter O'Toole & Katherine Hepburn & totally brilliant dialogue--as I recall much of it straight from the play. (I liked the movie so much I went out & read the play).

And if you go my same blog posted on on ( you'll get Mills & Boon author Michelle Styles' commentary on British accents) Let's just say she notes that not all are created equal!

I know Susan will be both touched and delighted by your kind words and enthusiasm for the Spice editorial.

And Tessa, let's just say we expect Jack Reacher will also feel lucky! Now get to that TBR pile before they start to multiply!