Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sobol Award: We Discover New Writers

Just attended a lovely event at the Century Club hosted by EVP of Contest Management Sue Pollock and EVP & Editorial Director Brigitte Weeks announcing the launch of The Sobol Award for Fiction and wanted to share the details:

The Sobol award for Fiction is a national contest designed to discover talented, but unknown writers, to help them get published and find enthusiastic readers.

 Yearly contest, open to all unpublished writers in English

 Electronic submission, complete anonymity & equal chance

 Competent readers, including a panel of prominent editors

 Every writer receives at lest 2 reviews of his/her work

 All winners are represented & presented to leading publishers

 Submission fee: $85.00

 First Prize: $100,000

 First Runner up: $25,000

 Second Runner up: $10,000

Visit www.sobolaward.com for more details

Good luck!


threepenny said...

Just an FYI to all potential entrants -- the Miss Snark blog rips this contest up, down, right and left for being expensive, sloppily assembled and somewhat inaccurate in how it presents itself on its website.

If you're interested in the whole string, it's in the Sept. archives at http://misssnark.blogspot.com, which are currently down.

Deb said...

Friends, if you're thinking about entering this, please examine the web site info closely. This group puts itself forward as an "agency" who has no sales and no clients to report. Do we really want to promote this?

klank said...

thanks for the info