Monday, January 29, 2007

Things You Might Want To Know

  • Go watch the Nora Roberts movie Monday, January 29th on Lifetime at 9:00. It's Angels Fall and there will be three more, Montana Sky, Blue Smoke and Carolina Moon, for the next 3 Mondays! Though none of them are Silhouettes (sniff) they are all Nora's, so they are wonderful stories. We not only should support our very own national treasure, we need to show Lifetime there is a real audience for stories that deliver a feel-good experience. Consider it your job.
  • Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney B. Vance wrote a book, FRIENDS: A LOVE STORY, detailing the story of their lives, courtship, marriage and the recent birth of their twins. It's coming out this February--Black History month and Valentine's, is that perfect or what?
  • I got a chance to read the proposal and found it opened a window into a intriguing world I knew little about. Mavis Allen, their Kimani editor, found the final story "a fascinating and intimate look at two highly talented, complex artists' emotional, spiritual and romantic journey. It gave me a glimpse of two very public people's private world. I found it riveting."
  • The book will be published on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th, 2007.
  • Yes, St. Valentine's Day is coming up--are you ready? I use the inspiration of sending a Valentine to send all the thank-you notes I haven't gotten around to sending yet (!) and as a way to say "I love you" to all the people in my life that are precious to me for so many reasons and in so many ways.
  • Intimate Moments becomes Silhouette Romantic Suspense.
    • Susan Wiggs has launched her own blog. Before you go and say hello, go to your bookstore and grab a copy of THE WINTER LODGE, Book two of Susan's Lakeshore Chronicles. But before you do that, click here for a $1.00 off coupon, Valid 1/30/07 to 2/4/07, also available on her website. You can check out the starred Publisher's weekly review, if you need convincing! Then check in to the lodge that was the inspiration for her novel--a wonderfully writer and reader friendly place to be.
    • There are some great bundles of eBook bundles, some delicious and sizzling ones from Susan Mallery!
    • Seth Godin talked about how cool MJ Rose's initiative for THRILLER--a collection of stories from fabulous thriller writers--is on his highly popular cool is that? He talks about her initiative: "MJ Rose points us to and talks about the power of writers pooling their resources.
      • For those who don't bother to click:"There are some real insights here. The first is that having 'competitors' band together to gain attention is really smart and really rare...By using the Net to coordinate their audiences, they all win.
      • The second brilliancy is that the only people who want to win the prize are the people who'd like to get the newsletter... Instead, what they've done is created an easy way for one thriller reader to introduce the newsletter to another... "hey, I know you like Stuart Woods, check this out...
      • Wanna bet that newsletter subscribers end up buying more books?"
      • MJ is highly websavvy--check out her blog Buzz, Balls and Hype. I think she occasionally offers courses.

    • Linda Lael Miller's first in the exciting new McKettrick series, MCKETTRICK'S LUCK is out right now with a great PW review!
      • PW has starred review of MCKETTRICK'S PRIDE by Linda Lael Miller. HQN Books, coming out in March, 2007.
    • February launch of Everlasting Love, two books a month: check out DANCING ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS by Linda Cardillo and FALL FROM GRACE by Kristi Gold.
    • In February, Harlequin Romance will combine the best of both the Harlequin and Silhouette Romance stories in a six title a month line.


          Marilyn Shoemaker said...

          First of all, what did you think of Nora's movie last night? I personally enjoyed it and I have Montana Sky ready to record.

          As for Susan Mallery, anything Susan writes is an auto-buy for me and I am especially enjoying her Buchanan series, Delicious, Irresistible and my personal favorite, Sizzling. Can't wait for the next in the series.

          Isabel Swift said...

          Marilyn: I liked it! I thought the setting was really lovely and loved the whole cooking interplay. Its clearly a LOT harder to deliver credible straight romance than you think but I think they did a nice job--and the secondary characters really charmed me. Felt the experience was very satisfying. My only was that I felt so clever recognizing Nora, and then they announced it was Nora. Where's the glory in that?

          I picked up the Buchanans with Irresistible, so saving Delicious until the fourth comes out so I can spend 2 books together with them. I hate leaving a place I like...

          JoeBlogs said...

          thanks for the tips

          Simonique said...
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          Liz Fielding said...

          Isabel, M J Rose is awesome and Harlequin Romance authors, Ally Blake and Trish Wiley have taken the message on board and founded The Pink Heart Society blog, which is a great co-operative blog for romance authors.

          Isabel Swift said...

          Liz: that is so cool, thank you so much for sharing! Do you have the URL? I could put it on list of links?