Monday, February 05, 2007

Consider it your job

  • Go watch the Nora Roberts movie Monday, February 5th on Lifetime at 9:00. It's Montana Sky, and there will be two more, Blue Smoke and Carolina Moon, for the next 2 Mondays! Though none of them are Silhouettes (sniff) they are all Nora's, so they are wonderful stories. Did you see Angels Fall? Its available on iTunes now. I really liked it--loved the cooking and getting those cowboys to eat herbs...and I don't even cook!

  • We not only should support our very own national treasure, we need to show Lifetime there is a real audience for stories that deliver a feel-good experience. Consider it your job!

  • Click on Lifetime for updated info on the shows, repeats, and on Nora's website for up-to-date info too.


    Jennifer Greene said...

    Brother, this is tough work--having to watch great movies and read stupendous books, and be able to call it research. :)

    But to be honest (which is usually tedious) I don't usually like movies originating from romances. Even when the books are fantastic, the movies always seem 'b'. But Nora's have been better....less corny, more sensitive to the movie medium--e.g. action to show emotion, rather than emotion to show action.

    Jennifer Greene

    Isabel Swift said...

    Jennifer--thank you for stopping by!

    Agree. And I have to say, it has got to be REALLY hard to deliver a good straight romantic moment on screen. I've liked them both, MONTANA best so far, but I've been very happy, which has delighted me.

    And if these work, there's the possibility of them doing more & having the PTB (is that right for the Powers That Be?) & actors, etc.take it even MORE seriously & putting more into it & it starts to build. Our heroine NR may break a new trail...