Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Interview with a Vampire...sort of!

Hmmmm. I wonder, if you create vampires out of your fertile imagination, does that make you a vampire...mom? Or perhaps more powerfully: The Mother of All Vampires (at least the ones you create).

I forgot to ask that really interesting question when I asked The Mother Of Some Vampires, the new voice in vampires, Jennifer Armintrout a few questions about POSSESSION. I thought I'd share the questions I did ask!

Me: How do you see the Blood Ties series fitting into the broader vampire oeuvre?

Jennifer: It's a sort of more adult, more gory THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, the young adult series that LJ Smith did back in the 90's. I was super influenced by that when I was a preteen. I tell people that if they liked those books, or if they liked the television show "Forever Knight," they'll probably like my books.

Me: Will someone who hasn't read THE TURNING enjoy POSSESSION?

Jennifer: I think this is the part where I'm supposed to say it can stand on my its own and rush out and buy it, and if the first book isn't available then yeah, you're not going to be completely lost reading Possession first.

But it's only book two. Readers can still jump on this thing on the ground floor, so to speak, and be all, "I was reading Blood Ties from book two!"

Me: Will someone who has read THE TURNING enjoy POSSESSION?

Jennifer: Yes, because THE TURNING didn't end the story. POSSESSION is the second in a series in the truest sense of the word.

Carrie's story isn't over and we don't now move on to some other character, it's still telling her story. For those curious, it will be like that all the way through the series.

Me: THE TURNING was your first novel. Did you think of it as a series, or did that grow as you wrote?

Jennifer: I thought it would be straight romance that would end with happily ever after, but that it would be a series in that, okay, Carrie got her happy ending, now Max will get a happy ending and so on and so on.

Gosh, all that happy ending stuff sounds so...dirty, doesn't it?

Me: Why Vampires?

Jennifer: Why not vampires? It honestly baffles me when I get that question, because I can't even begin to grasp that other people might not be interested in vampires!

I don't know how it all worked out, but I've eaten, slept, pretended, dressed up as, and obsessed over vampires since I was a pre-schooler. It just seemed like the natural course for my writing.

But I will write non-vampire related things in the future, I'm sure.

Me: What's your favorite medical TV show?

Jennifer: Is this a set up? Do you know my agent? :)

I love House, but less because it's medical show and more because he is obviously Sherlock Holmes. I'm not all that into medicine in entertainment.

I think I wrote Carrie as a doctor because I grew up in a family where everyone was an EMT, and my mother is a critical care nurse, so I reaped the benefit of all the stories around the dinner table that come with those types of jobs.

Me: Do you have favorite characters, and how does that make you feel when you are working through the plot and they have to die?

Jennifer: I do have favorite characters, but I recognize that they can't all live and it wouldn't be realistic to write the kind of stories I write and have no body count.

There is one character that dies in book three that I had a moment of "Oh, that's so sad that I can't write that character anymore," but I don't get as involved in their lives as some writers do with their characters.

Me: When is the next Blood Ties coming out?

Jennifer: August of '07.

Me: What are you working on now?

Jennifer: Blood Ties book four is what I'm working on right now, and I'm sort of crossing my fingers and toes and praying I get it done on time because, wow. I won't even go there. Strike it from the record. ^_^

Me: of course, I am leaving in Jennifer's footer...

Hundreds of people have already read BLOOD TIES, BOOK ONE: THE TURNING, by Jennifer Armintrout. You don't want to be the only one who hasn't, right? On-sale now, from Mira books.

BLOOD TIES BOOK TWO: POSSESSION, by Jennifer Armintrout, 02/07, from Mira. Be one of the cool kids. Buy it.

If you're still hungry for info, you can check out the FAQs on her website.


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