Friday, February 16, 2007

A few more things to share....

Don't you think February should be about Vampires as well as Valentines? May 17, 20006, I posted about a new author, Jennifer Armintrout, you can scroll down on the archives to check what I said about Jennifer's first novel, Blood Ties: The Turning. I had loved the proposal--don't think I'd even gotten a copy of the complete book yet!

Less than a year later, and her second is on the stands, check out Blood Ties: Possession. You can read an excerpt on her website. It's a doozy!

Some reader/reviewer comments:
Possessed reader. Peggy Hanchar 5 stars
"I just finished the second in the Blood Ties series and liked it even better than the first....Although I loved the first book, I thought this book had more depth and advanced a better understanding of the characters and what made them what they are.
"The author's flashes of humor always caught me by surprise and made me chuckle outloud. I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series to see where these characters evolve.... Kudos to the author and her terrific imagination."

Excellent paranormal romantic thriller. Harriet Klausner 5 stars:
"....The key to the second Blood Ties tale (see BLOOD TIES: THE TURNING) is that readers will believe that vampires and werewolves are real species because the cast is solid and deep. The two subplots consistently intermingle and cross. This leads to an electrifying action-packed story line that contains a strong psychological suspense element yet never slows down until the climax, but the audience will not know what to expect until the final collision."

Five intense hours. LeAnna Rankin 4 stars:
"So I was standing in line at Walmart, wishing to get out of there before I could collect my Social Security, and this book caught my eye. I didn't have much to lose so I started reading it in line. I couldn't put it down when it was my turn and so I bought it. When I got home, I sat down and read it straight through until the end, in just a little under five hours.
"I love the style of writing because it feels like you think right a long with them and the way they speak and interact. I was delighted when I realized it was a series and now I have an excuse to go by another book."

The last of Nora's four movies on Lifetime is out Monday, February 19th. You can check out various Nora/Lifetime and moviebilia on the Nora Roberts' Lifetime website. If you missed them, or don't get Lifetime, you can get them from iTunes. Yes, there's a tutorial on how to download stuff. We'll see how that goes. If not, I'm going to Ask Lorie!

Karen Harper's excellent Publishers Weekly review for her January title, Inferno: "Lauren and Brad are full, appealing characters who are easy to care for, and their growing mutual attraction feels organic and unforced. Harper keeps tension high as the insane villain cleverly evades efforts to capture him. And Harper really shines in the final act, providing readers with a satisfying and exciting denouement." Sara Pearce, aka LitChick, of mentions the ever fabulous Harlequin Romance Report and local authors Lori Foster and Karen Harper's titles in her Valentine post.

You have to check out the video of NYMPH KING by Gena Showalter, out in February, 2007. And Gena Showalter is on the February 18th Extended New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists!

THE WINTER LODGE, Book Two of Susan Wiggs Lakeshore Chronicles is on the New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA Today Bestseller lists. Susan also has started her own blog. You can check out the starred Publisher's weekly review of WINTER LODGE, if you need convincing!

Linda Lael Miller's first in the new McKettrick series, MCKETTRICK'S LUCK is out right now with a great PW review!
And PW has starred review of MCKETTRICK'S PRIDE by Linda Lael Miller. HQN Books, coming out in March, 2007. MCKETTRICK'S LUCK is also on the New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA Today Bestseller lists. Not bad, eh?

Did you read Heather Cochran's Red Dress Ink title, MEAN SEASON? I did, and really liked it. Her second is coming out in MIRA in March and is reviewed by PW, titled THE RETURN OF JONAH GREY. Haven't read it, but nice to see PW likes it!

Also in March is Sherryl Woods A SLICE OF HEAVEN if you want to check out the rather nice PW review. It sounds really appealing, and I've signed up to participate in one of those readathon blog post thingys, and the competition is fierce! I have not been reading fast enough and checking out some of these excellent reviews & knowing the authors is really inspiring me to "start my engine!"

This just in--Sherry's , STEALING HOME, out right now, just hit the March 3rd New York Times extended list! What a way to launch the Sweet Magnolias trilogy--Congratulations Sherry!


Gabrielle said...

No, I didn't like Mean Season, I loved it! Have got the new one on pre-order, can't wait to read it. I'm interested to see what makes it a Mira, rather than an RDI as it was first contracted.

Isabel Swift said...

Gabrielle--OK, I loved MEAN SEASON too. A wonderfully complex, big hearted story.

And that's such an interesting question. Writers do think about their readers and the expectations they bring, but the story is also...the story. I think one of the reasons Heather made the transition from RDI to MIRA was the kind of depth and complexity she delivered.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the response, Isabelle. Mira's doing some really interesting books at the moment. My copy of Return is on its way; I'm looking forward to reading it.