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Happy Hallowe'en! Time for Sorcery & the Single Girl

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Mindy and I go way back--you can check out my prior post last Hallowe'en! And I've returned with another post, because she's got another book. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of volume one of the six volume Memoirs of Casanova--I know, hard to believe I've gone so long without having read them, isn't it?--and haven't had a chance to read Sorcery, so I'm going to have to let other expert witnesses speak for the excellence of the reading experience!

Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say about Sorcery and the Single Girl

"Klasky emphasizes the importance of being true to yourself and having faith in friends and family in her bewitching second romance featuring fledgling witch Jane Madison (after Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft). Young librarian Jane believes getting into the elite Washington Coven, ruled by the prodigious Teresa Alison Sidney, is of major importance. If Jane wants to hold on to her familiar, her valuable book and gemstone collection and David Montrose, her hunky protector and instructor, she has to meet the coven’s standards for knowledge and skill. When slickly seductive Graeme Henderson starts laying it on suspiciously thick, and David insists that friendly coven witch Haylee can’t be trusted, Jane must decide what’s most important: trying to impress the popular coven snobs, or taking control of her power and doing what she knows is best for herself. Klasky’s moral lesson is obvious, but readers who identify with Jane’s remembered high school social angst will cheer her all the way. (Oct.)

Romantic Times BOOKreviews
"This is an irresistible tale . . . surprisingly charming and insightful."

Booklist on Girl's Guide to Witchcraft
"Fans of Shanna Swendson's Enchanted, Inc. series will find much to love in Klasky's zesty blend of fantasy and romance as well as in her winsome heroine."

and the first Amazon review of Sorcery...

Even better than the first book!, September 23, 2007
This author keeps getting better. Well-written and paced, funny and fabulous. I was so sad to see this book end that I started over and read again. One caveat, you should read the first book before this one. I can't wait for book 3 in 2008. Please check this series out. You will not be sorry! By A. Sugarman "book maven" (San Francisco, CA United States)

I very much enjoyed A GIRL'S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT, the first of this series, along with many others. I have to confess I am also from D.C. and loved the local touches. I can't resist sharing the other compelling advocates for her storytelling ability from the Amazon.com reader reviews on GGTW:

Wonderful First Book of the Series, August 29, 2007
I absolutely loved this book. It was light (without being too fluffy), magical (without being too science fiction-y), and romantic (without being too Bridget Jones). The characters are relatable and the story is fantastic. Great read for a chilly fall evening. By A Leo "Amy" (Haverford, PA United States)

Fun read!, May 1, 2007
GIRL'S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT is a fun read. Mindy Klasky has successfully put a paranormal twist to the chick lit genre that is quite entertaining. Jane's transformation throughout the story is wonderful to behold and inspirational in many ways. Her ability to find a positive even in the most horrendous circumstances is certainly admirable. However, it is Neko who steals the show! Neko is an absolutely fantastic character. Who can't help but love a cat in the guise of a man? His little quirks make him endearing and I certainly hope to see more of him in the upcoming sequel. By Deborah Wiley (Winter Haven, FL)

Witchy Librarian , February 16, 2007
Not what I expected but an easy read featuring a Librarian as the main character. Being a Librarian it was nice to see one of us represented as a normal person, well aside from her being a witch that is. By I. Lefkowitz "The Butterfly Chick"

Mindy Klasky is Chick Lit and RDI's version of J.K. Rowling , November 15, 2006
Jane Madison is a witch. But she does not know it. Has this beginner witch bitten off more than she chew, or will her catman familiar and her warder help her through it? I absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down, and I can't wait for the sequel to it, Sorcery and the Single Girl which comes out next year. By Nikkie (Charleston, SC)

Fun supernatural ride, October 19, 2006
Girls' Guide to Witchcraft is about plain-Jane Madison, a librarian who doesn't get a lot of attention from men. This book was a fun and fast-moving look at what happens in a girl's life when she discovers she's a witch. A lot of books about witchcraft focus heavily on how spells can go wrong; this story was more light-hearted. I'm looking forward to the sequel in October 2007 By Bearette24 (New York, NY)

I want more! , October 18, 2006
I haven't been able to put this book down. It's funny and smart and great fun. I can't wait for the sequel! It's well-written, the characters seem so real, okay, even if the lead character is a witch and her familiar springs to life as a fabulous gay man. They still seem real and you immediately care about them and can't wait to find out what happens to them next. More please! By LauraRebecca "LauraRebecca" (USA)

terrific coming of age chick lit tale , October 9, 2006
In some ways this is a terrific coming of age tale as the heroine goes from self pity to confidence in her skills though she believes the magic enabled her to do so. The story line is fast-paced as Jane balances her normal life as a librarian and family member with her bewitching new life that attracts males like Pooh Bear to honey. Mindy Klasky provides a beguiling enchanting chick lit tale a refreshing story line that casts a spell on readers. By Harriet Klausner

Fun Read, October 6, 2006
Having read her Glasswright Series, I've been a fan of Mindy's work for years, and was excited when I heard that she had a new book coming out. Billed as Chick-Lit, this romantic contemporary fantasy follows librarian Jane Madison through the trials and tribulations that come with learning you're a witch. Overall, I was enormously pleased with Girl's Guide, I really look forward to the next installment of this series. If you still need a reason to go buy it you should know Mindy is donating 10% of her profits to First Book, the international non-profit organization that is all about getting kids their first book. By Tina R. "Avid Reader" (Howell, NJ USA)

Chick Lit Keeper, October 4, 2006
I loved this book. I couldn't put it down and read it in one weekend. There isn't much "teaching witchcraft" in the book as the title might imply, but the message at the end is nice. My only complaint is that the sequel doesn't come out until October of 2007. By Book Addict (Midwest)

And if you want to get to know Mindy better, you can visit her blog.

So what are YOU going to be for Hallowe'en? Better start planning!

I always wanted someone to create a book of no-costumes. Things you might already have in your wardrobe that you would be comfortable in, could look good, if not fabulous in, yet with a little tweak, would actually be a costume or a character. And not the dorky "I'm coming as 'myself' line." Something clever. Maybe dressing entirely in white, ideally a white floaty skirt and then a solid yellow baseball cap or hat and you could be a fried egg, sunny side up.

Of course there is also the power of the set--consider if you had appropriately colored lycra outfits and wraparound sunglasses and four friends! The Power Rangers could become your signature piece. Passé for some, but there are a number of 3-5 year-olds that would still be really impressed.

Let your imagination soar--and work some magic!

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