Monday, September 24, 2007

When you want just a taste of Spice…

Spice Briefs--because size doesn't matter! (really!)

That's because Spice is...growing

Launched in August 2007, Spice Briefs will offer short erotic stories in e-book format.

The exceptional editorial that has driven Spice to the top of the print market will be carried over to the digital world, giving readers the chance to experience Spice in multiple formats.

• Short erotic stories (5,000 – 15,000 words) in eBook format

• 2 new titles every month by some of the top names in Erotic Fiction

• $2.99 US per eBook and $3.49 CAN

• Spice Briefs will be available in all e-book formats and are available for download at under Spice or through, as well as by author/title from eRetailers such as :,,,

If you'd like to experiment between the covers (virtual ones, that is), check out how to be brief, but to the point with writing guidelines on Spice Briefs.

Or listen to an expert with the Inside Scoop with Nancy Madrone or check out So you want to write Erotica

A natural extension of the Spice brand, Spice Briefs will expand the opportunities to capitalize on the popularity of Erotic Fiction in the digital world, grow promising new authors, and create new print opportunities by publishing anthologies.

What was it that little girls are made of? Sugar and...Spice and sometimes Spice Briefs

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