Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Treat

What would you like to know?

Some have said they wanted to find out more about those intriguing figures who work in the editorial department. Many acquire and edit (among other editorial responsibilities) some of the over 100 new titles Harlequin Enterprises publishes every month. Others deliver key creative and support services to ensure quality and manage the process.

While this keeps them quite busy, some of these figures of mystery have graciously agreed to be profiled and will appear in upcoming posts.

Happy New Year!

Did you know the year of the Rat begins February 7, 2008 and ends on January 25, 2009, the first in the cycle of 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac?  I know many don't share my fondness for rats, so let me share the following:

"A Rat Year is a time of hard work, activity, and renewal. This is a good year to begin a new job, get married, launch a product or make a fresh start. Ventures begun now may not yield fast returns, but opportunities will come for people who are well prepared and resourceful. The best way for you to succeed is to be patient, let things develop slowly, and make the most of every opening you can find. 

"In Chinese, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising person. People born in the Year of Rat are clever and bright, sociable and family-minded. They have broad interests and strong ability in adapting to the environment and able to react adequately to any changes.

"They are gifted in many ways and have an easy going manner. They are active and pleasant, tactful and fantastic, and are able to grasp opportunities. They seem to have interests in everything and hope to participate in doing it and usually do it very well."

A few famous people born in the year of the rat: Charlotte Bronte, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Scott Thomas, Lauren Bacall, Lucrezia Borgia, Margaret Mitchell

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Vicki Hinze said...

Isabel, just wanted to wish you a really wonderful 2008. :)

Isabel Swift said...

Vicki, back at you! Thanks for the good wishes and for stopping by.


Kimberly Van Meter said...

Awesome tidbit on the Year of the Rat. That's me! I'm looking forward to a great year! I'll admit I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with the zodiac, Chinese or other. I like them all.

Happy New Year!

Isabel Swift said...

Kimberly: Glad to be of service! Wishing you the best in the coming year.

Donna Alward said...

Happy New Year! I'm also a Rat! :-) And I'm looking forward to the profiles very much.