Thursday, December 20, 2007

Talking about talk shows and Donna Hill...On The Line

Linda Gill, General Manager and queen of all things Kimani emailed me to say, "We have a fantastic book being released shortly -- January 2008 publication -- ON THE LINE.

"It's edited and written by Donna Hill along with 18 of the hottest African-American authors and it's fabulous! I wanted you to let your readers know that Donna has set up a special blog just for the book, and has also created a short book trailer."

It's not every day that I get that kind of special enthusiasm from an editor, so when they talk, I listen--and share the news.

Donna Hill, Co-Author and Editor of ON THE LINE, had this to say about the experience, "Bringing together the voices and talent of 18 authors into a seamless novel I knew was going to be a major challenge! However, they are all so incredible at what they do, that magic happened.

"The result is, what I think, the most unique novel of its kind, and I'm sure readers are going to love the drama, fall-out funny, eye-opening and even poignant moments in On The Line."

When I connected with Glenda Howard, Executive Editor, Kimani Press, who is also Donna's in-house editor, she shared the following: “It is not often a project idea comes across your desk that you are immediately intrigued by. But, in this instance the gossipy talk show host made such an interesting character -- In fact, wickedly delicious! Then, to have 18 amazing authors contribute their stories makes this a sure-fire hit!”

Doesn't it sound intriguing? On Sale December 26th. Run, don't walk to your nearest bookseller! Or let your fingers do the walking....

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